Rolin Nel


CEO + Senior Travel Agent

Hello. My name is Rolin and I am the CEO
and owner of Kaross Travel. I am an extremely
focused, motivated and reliable individual.
Attention to detail matters to me and this is
visible in the high quality of service we provide
to our customers 24/7.

We offer a bespoke travel solution for business
and leisure and lasting customer relationships is
essential to me.

My aim is to perfect the art of travel.

Benine Vermeulen_CV-1.png

Benine Vermuelen

Senior Travel Agent

My name is Benine and I eat, sleep and
breathe travel. I am an open-minded, patient
and highly organized individual who thrives
under pressure.

I love working with people and nothing gives
me more pleasure than putting a smile on a
customers' face from the amazing travel arrangements
that we've made together.

As Kaross Travel team member, I perfect the art of travel on a daily basis!

Daleste Eloff_CV-1-01.png

Danelle Eloff


Hi. My name is Dalesté and I love working with

I am a very organized individual with strong
administration skills.

Making sure  that things run smoothly in any
office environment is what I do best.